Contingent Workforce Management

Streamline how you find, source, and
manage your contingent workforce.

Contingent Workforce Management

Today, organizations rely on many sources of talent beyond their full-time employees?including contingent workers, Statement of Work-based consultants, freelancers, private talent channels, and more.

At SAP Fieldglass, we refer to this as the multi-channel workforce. To be successful, organizations need to be able to deploy contingent workers anywhere, at any time. And they need to be able to manage them effectively.

With SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management, you can automate the entire process of procuring and managing flexible labor?from requisition all the way through invoice and payment. Our platform supports any program model including those managed in-house, through one or more Managed Service Providers (MSPs), on- or off-site.



Key benefits
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Control spend

Manage costs by using preferred suppliers, leveraging rate guidance, and maintaining oversight of budget.

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Access the talent you need

Easily find, source, and manage external workers across a variety of channels and around the world.

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Mitigate risk

Enforce compliance to corporate policies and government regulations.

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Increase efficiency

Streamline and automate critical processes.

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Increase quality

Track worker and supplier performance to make strategic decisions about who you work with.

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Customer testimonials

Learn how companies like Visa, Philips, Siemens, and others have improved their contingent workforce visibility and realized significant?cost savings with SAP Fieldglass.


Royal Philips’ approach to talent delivers strong business outcomes

Working with SAP Fieldglass, Philips embarked on a program to gain visibility and improve decision-making across its entire workforce.

PayPal global external workforce management with SAP Fieldglass

James Garvin, Global Contingent Workforce Program Manager, discusses PayPal's global program, and its history of working with SAP Fieldglass.

RELX Group dives into external workforce program expansion

Mark Lamphere, director of Workforce Services at RELX Group, discusses his external workforce program's expansion from initial goals to current initiatives including global expansion, SOW, and integration to SAP Ariba.

Contingent Workforce Insights 2019:


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Total Workforce Management with SAP Fieldglass and SAP SuccessFactors

Integration between SAP Fieldglass and SAP SuccessFactors bridges the gap between employees and external workers by bringing HR and procurement together.

Top Five Tips to Prepare for a Successful Vendor Management System Implementation

Read this whitepaper to explore five steps that help ensure your project runs smoothly and accomplishes the expected goals on-time and on-budget.

Workforce 101

Get to know the basics of workforce management with this SAP Fieldglass report.

31% of executives are highly informed about the quality of work of their non-payroll workers

How much do you know about your external workers such as independent contractors, freelancers, and temporary staff? They are often under-managed, preventing them from reaching their full potential, and putting organizations at risk.?

SAP Fieldglass difference
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Multi-channel workforce, where and when you need it

Leverage multiple talent channels to access the resources that fit your business needs. SAP Fieldglass makes it easy for you to connect with online talent marketplaces, establish your own talent pools, and extend contract opportunities to interested applicants.

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Global and local expertise

Deployed in more than 165 countries. With the largest footprint in our industry, SAP Fieldglass has developed best practices for expanding our customers’ programs around the world and how to manage them in accordance with local labor regulations.

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System flexibility

Self-service Program Management Office (PMO) Dashboard. We enable your power users to take critical actions on their own?no need to call a help desk or pay any fees.

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Open platform

A flexible framework. We integrate with a wide variety of systems and solutions?from major enterprise applications to smaller, self-developed tools.


Sophisticated analytics and reporting

Uncover critical data and insights. Our comprehensive business intelligence tools meet the diverse information needs of all your user types and help you drive your program forward.

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Real-time rate guidance

Market rates where and when you need them. You don’t need to login to a different system to see how your rates compare with your competitors.

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Industry breadth and depth

Unique functionality for all industries. We have partnered with our customers to enhance our platform to meet their diverse requirements.


Support services

Committed and experienced customer support teams. Our dedicated services organization can help you with everything from basic support to evolving your program.

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